What we do

Identifi provides technology and print services to help manage visitors. Those visitors may be attending your event, visiting your office building, or entering a ticketed attraction.

Right now, everyone who is managing visitors is all about doing so safely, and we’re here to help. Whether it’s checking-in your visitors, printing them a name badge, knowing where they are, or knowing how crowded an area is, we’ve got you covered.

Who we are

We’re a team that’s been working in our field for over twenty years. Much of this time has been under the name ‘Conference Badges Ltd’, and served many of the world’s top brands by supporting their events. 

Naming our company after what was our key service helped us rank well on search engines, but for a long time there’s been a lot more to our offering than badge printing, so in 2021 we’ve relaunched as Identifi. 

Identifi is based in Kingston-upon-Thames, just on the south west side of London.

Why you should use us

Simply, we’ve got an insane amount of experience with getting people into places quickly, and gathering insightful data while they’re there. Events large and small. Clients both local and global. Across every sector and industry.

Event-first approach

We’ll work closely with you to ensure your event is run safely, professionally and cost effectively.

Like everyone in business, we exist by making a profit, but we embody the principle that in the long term that’s about building trust and repeat business. We achieve that by prioritising the success of your event above any short-term selling.


So often our first-time customers tell us that they’re not used to suppliers who can adapt their product to fit the brief. We know you don’t want to bend your brief around our product, so we’re happy to make technical adjustments and customisations to turn your brief from idea to reality.

Quality and professionalism

No supplier would admit to delivering a low quality product or service, but few can match our enviable repeat customer rate, or have the exposure to working on as many varied events as Identifi.