As in-person events return, it’s crucial that visitors feel safe. One route to achieving that is to prevent bottlenecks and overcrowding.

Identifi can keep track of how many visitors have entered or left an area, reporting that data both to the entrance attendant and to a central H&S manager. 

As safe capacities for an area are reached, admissions can be restricted until visitors who are already inside have left the area.

Monitoring methods

Handheld scanner

A QR code is printed on each badge. Badges are scanned by an attendant using one of our handheld smart scanners.

  • Quick, efficient and cost effective
  • Attendant can monitor occupancy and limit entries as needed

RFID scanner

With contactless RFID badges, attendance to event areas can be monitored in real time without an attendant. Traffic light system asks visitors to wait if an area is full. Central reporting allows action to be taken if an area looks at risk of being overcrowded.

  • High tech, self-regulating system
  • Requires Identifi’s RFID badges